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The Looking Glass

Tattoo Studio & Gallery Est. 2023

7954 Baltimore-Annapolis Blvd, STE # 2G

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Tina Frizzell

  Tina Frizzell has been tattooing in the DMV area since 2009. They have been making art from a very young age and have an Associate degree in Fine Arts from the School of Art and Design at Montgomery College. Outside of tattooing they have experience with painting indoor murals, commissions for pet and human portraits, and black-light/ acrylic art. They can tattoo a wide range of styles but lean most toward illustrative, neo-traditional and black-work/dot-work. Their favorite subjects include all things spooky, erotic, occult, horror, floral, whimsical, animals and insects. They also take great joy in covering up ex's names! 

  Tina's goal for each tattoo is to exceed the expectations of the wearer while ensuring it is unique, tailored to fit their body and will age well. The goals for their client's experience are to provide an inclusive safe space, maintain good communication throughout the process, and make their tattoo sessions as easy for them to sit through as possible. Tina is overjoyed by playing even a small part in helping others express themselves and become more comfortable in their own skin.

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