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The Looking Glass

Tattoo Studio & Gallery Est. 2023

7954 Baltimore-Annapolis Blvd, STE # 2G


Lydia Jane

   Lydia is coming up on 3 years of tattooing. She has a variety of subject matter that she enjoys tattooing, but also has an ever expanding range of tattoo wanna-dos and thirst to perfect her craft.

   I’ve always loved making art and over time I become even more passionate about my craft, I love to make sure every detail is done well— in other words: I love being a perfectionist when it comes to making art! 

   Before I started tattooing I would draw on pretty much anything! From shoes to drawing on my friends for fun. 

   I am very grateful that I got the opportunity to be a tattoo artist!! 

   I love working with people to create unique designs that they love forever!

   Some subjects/styles I love are:

-Anything spooky or dark 


-Fine line 


-Pop culture 




To book with Lydia, please contact via inquiry at:

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