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The Looking Glass

Tattoo Studio & Gallery Est. 2023

7954 Baltimore-Annapolis Blvd, STE # 2G


Mariana "Tacos" Rosales

  My name is Mariana "Tacos" Rosales. The Tacos is silent. I am a Mom to a beautiful son named Skywalker. I developed a strong passion for all things tattoo and body modification after being a assistant at conventions back in 2009. While I was an artist growing up I never wanted to originally pursue a career in art because I was rejected from various art schools. But hey Einstein failed math. I began a career in permanent cosmetic tattooing but decided that it was not the career path for me because of its limitations creatively. So because of my background in art and my love of tattooing and skills as a cosmetic tattooer I decided to learn. 

  I began tattooing in 2014 which now seems like ages ago. Over the years I have been very #blessed to have been given the opportunity to travel to different states to guest spot and also attend conventions. During that time I developed and acquired a certain set of skills that I use today and I continue to learn new things everyday. My favorite artists are Frida Kahlo, Van Gogh, and Comic artist Frank Miller. My favorite comic is Deadpool and Wonderman, I don't pick sides on DC or Marvel. Thats like asking if I like Pizza or Tacos. I do love every style of tattooing as you can see from my portfolio but I do like to focus on colorful tattoos and pop culture tattoos. My main goal is to not only give you a tattoo you love but also one that I am proud of. I have a huge complex and I will be thinking about your tattoo when you walk out the door and hoping you love it as much as I do! Give that tattoo its best life and wear SPF. I am accepting new clients at this time and do normally have a 1-3 month wait. But please don't let that deter you from emailing us about a opening, we do have a cancelation wait list. 

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